Well Worn Pages (haiku)

You’re a memory ~
A worn page reminding ~ Me
How I used to be


this cursed mind

My Mind ~

Has brought me Love ~

Lust ~

Pain ~

Bliss ~

It has stolen Hearts ~

Gave away its own ~

Has been my worst enemy ~

My closest fried ~

It has set me apart ~

For better ~

For worse ~

It doesn’t pause ~

Nor stay silent ~

It will run rampant ~

Until it buries Me


Occupation ~ By Memories of Touch ~ from Your Ghost

you are inside me
its not just my heart where you live
true, that is where you hold court
your primary abode
the place where i always return to find you
others see you there and concur
that is your spot, your acre of flesh
a place where only you reside
and that will be forever titled to you and only you
but still you linger among my other corners
dusty pieces I thought you would pass by
or forget
my fingers and lips are silhouettes
reflections of your moist touch 
your skin upon mine
they lay incomplete now, haunted
my voice is accented by your name
a name my tongue knows more than all others
it echos off enamel and steals my breath
occupies my air and seeps inside my lungs
my will is no longer free
my lust is owed to you, it is dormant, waiting
you hold my passion, my fire, my fury
you own all of what i give