We should be ashamed of ourselves ~
We fail at every turn ~
Fail the grace of the Sun in morning ~
Stars that burn the night ~
We fail each other ~
Fail ourselves ~
We should blush ~
At what we’ve become ~
Murderers of honor ~
Trust ~
Loyalty ~
Virtue ~
Decency ~
With crooked blades ~
We cut each others throats ~
We Leave the stains on the floor ~
For the afflicted to bathe ~
Preying on frail brittle hearts ~
We are cold ~
With impotent souls ~
We should be better ~
We can be better ~
Better to one another ~
Better to ourselves ~
We should reach out ~
Deliver goodness ~
Compassion and Mercy ~
Our hands should be ~
In the hands of our neighbors ~
Our hearts in theirs ~
Rise up ~
Lift one another ~
Over the hurt ~
Through the tears ~
Up to the skies ~
That are as blue ~
As we tend to paint each others ~


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