Cassiopeia’s Bed

shared your lips with mine
as we bound
your wrists
to the horns of Taurus
& had our way
with you
on Cassiopeia’s bed


Immortal Divinity

My left hand
along the curve
of your hip
My right
reaching from
beneath you
cradling your chin
Arching you
to catch my breaths
upon the bare nape
of your neck
The taste of
your skin
clinging to my tongue
The fragrance of flesh
honeyed nectar
dizzying my head
The yearning of
the want to be
deeper inside you
in every way
than anyone has
ever been

is the closest
I will ever come
to feeling
and holding
in my hands

Dawn to Dusk

I’ve loved you since the dawn

From our first glance,
without even knowing you,
I was entwined in this dance
between my heart and yours

Finding you as a
shadow of my being
caught within the rays of morning light,
I was fated to a forever
that would bear your name

I followed you across
the arc of the sky
I chased after your sun,
finding a warmth and wholeness
that few mortals share
A possibility ensnared
in the haze of a lucid dream,
high among noonday

And now as my nightfall approaches
As every drop of sky
waits to envelop me
in a sea of pitch,
my love is still bright from your sun
A moon collecting shine
for the deep night ahead
My ash will fall to the wind,
but my heart will forever
dance next to yours
Just as sweetly as was when
I loved you in the dawn,
and as

I still love you in dusk

The Well

After years of walking
Aimlessly in flames
Trudging through
Sands and ash
We had found
one another
Two parched tongues
the same thirst
Offering shelter
scorched earth
And listless tomorrows
With hearts
and hands Intertwined
We put our lips
To the chalice
Only to taste
The horror
Of me poisoning
The well