Immortal Divinity

My left hand
along the curve
of your hip
My right
reaching from
beneath you
cradling your chin
Arching you
to catch my breaths
upon the bare nape
of your neck
The taste of
your skin
clinging to my tongue
The fragrance of flesh
honeyed nectar
dizzying my head
The yearning of
the want to be
deeper inside you
in every way
than anyone has
ever been

is the closest
I will ever come
to feeling
and holding
in my hands

An Ode to What Never Ceases

I need you
As the painter
Needs the brush
As the night
Needs the moon
I need you
As the poet
Needs the pen
As the spring
Needs the bloom

I want you
As the page
Wants the ink
As the tongue
Wants the taste
I want you
As the lips
Want the kiss
As the orchard
Wants the rain

I love you
As the flesh
Loves the touch
As the artist
Loves the muse
I love you
As the neck
Loves the teeth
As you love me
I love you